Anick Allard

Anick Allard

Business Development Coordinator

My Why

I have always been an advocate for vulnerable clients in various ways, my past experiences working with seniors in particular have brought me immense joy and fulfillment. It also seems fitting to embark on a journey where I can go back to my 'roots'.

They say you don't find the perfect fit, it finds you, and this has never been more true.

Being an advocate for my son and his disability has also given me a chance to really see the world through different lenses and truly tackle what is most important in this world.

I could not be where I am now without all the support of my many clients/patients, their families, my supervisors and colleagues that have walked with me hand in hand to make me the best that I can be.

When you reach full circle, you are truly at the right place and time!

I enjoy my spare time with my family and at my new home as much as I can; my children, grand daughter, and our many fur babies.
613.698.1319 x 706

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