Sherri Daly

Sherri Daly

Senior Living Advisor

My Why

I want to dispel the misconceptions about retirement living. First, it's more affordable than many people think! Also, retirement living has become a luxurious, fun and tailored experience that I look forward to for my future. I want to help people understand and embrace this stage of life for themselves and their loved ones!

Sherri’s deep respect for seniors and enjoyment of working with them springs from growing up very close to grandparents and great grandparents who were important parts of her youth. So, it is no surprise that she began working and volunteering as a respite worker, in senior day centres and to help seniors live independently. 

Sherri then spent the next decades managing volunteer departments in healthcare with a focus on geriatrics, Long Term Care, and Palliative Care. Recently Sherri felt the call to return to her roots and focus more closely on individuals. She was looking for a community-based, forward-looking organization where she could use her problem solving and listening skills to help improve the situation of seniors when they are most in need. 

She didn’t need to look far to discover Tea and Toast which is a “perfect fit!” She explains, “Tea and Toast greatly impressed me with their beautiful, informative website, stellar reputation and community education approach.”

Sherri has been married to her husband Brian for nearly 30 years and their three young-adult daughters are the light of her life. She prioritizes her spirituality, spending time with family at her cottage in the Gatineau Hills, walking, hosting dinner parties, watching movies and reading.

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