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Later-In-Life Love Stories That Will Make You Go "Awwwww"

February 12, 2018

Everybody loves a good love story.

CTV’s The Social recently aired a charming interview of two widows who found love in their 80s, after moving to a retirement residence.

Linda and Ken have been married for nine years now, and their story below made my day!


(You can learn more about Linda and Ken in this sweet Toronto Star story.)

Their story got me thinking about other later-in-life love stories I’ve heard about recently—and how retirement communities have played a central role in those romances.

Here are just a few that have caught my attention (and heart!):

From friendship to “love-ship”

This couple in Regina also met at a retirement residence. CBC News published a really cute story about their relationship (and their banter!) in March 2017.

“Keep your love on”

Last year, the Cedarvale Lodge Retirement & Care Community in Keswick, Ontario, held a beautiful joint ceremony for its married residents and friends—as well as its team members—to renew their wedding vows.

A felt heart on a stack of books
Everybody loves a good love story

A different kind of senior prom

In 2017, Lincoln Park Retirement Residence held its first-ever (literal) seniors’ prom!

Based in Grimsby, Ontario, the residence brought in a professional photographer, cleared the dining room and transformed it into a dance floor. Oh, and the theme? “Party Like It’s 1949.”

Celebrating 180 years (!) of marriage

Sometimes, the gesture doesn’t have to be grand!

For example, last year, this retirement community in the UK held a romantic, freshly prepared Valentine’s dinner for three couples.  

Get out the tissues

Sometimes, retirement residences serve as hubs for miraculous reconnections. Take this amazingly lovely story of two former Australian sweethearts in Australia, who lost touch due to war…and then reunited by chance after 62 years.

No doubt about it—love can happen anytime, anywhere! And that’s a beautiful thing.

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