Video Consultation & Touring

Tea & Toast Offers Video Consultation and Touring

Women talking with a senior through video call

What is Video Consultation?

A video consultation is initiated by a Tea & Toast Advisor by means of emailing a conference link to all parties who are interested in being a part of the conversation. 

Much like in-person, the conversation usually lasts up to an hour. During this time, we will discuss your current situation, needs and wants, as well as other preferences. 

After the initial conversation, you will have a plan for a future move, or we can schedule video tours with the homes that fit your needs best.

Women holding a tablet
Two seniors sitting beside each other

What is Video Touring?

Once your top 3 home choices have been selected, your Advisor will schedule a mutually beneficial time to conduct the tours. 

Just like the consultation, you and your family will be sent a link through email to join the conference. The retirement home representative will also join.

This tour is very similar to an in-person tour, except it is from the comfort of your own home! 

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