7 Talks of Eldercare

It’s not easy, and it can feel stressful and overwhelming. You’re not alone in knowing what to say, how to say it, and when. And, we’re here to help! We’ve helped thousands of families just like yours have “The Talk” with their loved ones.

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"The Talk". I bet you thought once you got past the Birds and the Bees it would be easy sailing! Regardless of which talk it is, no one really wants to have, "the talk", it's awkward and stressful for all. Whether you are teaching your kids about the birds and the bees or discussing end of life care decisions with your parents, it's not easy. Conversations regarding Eldercare often carry an added layer of complexity as it's typically the adult child who needs to initiate these discussions with their parent. This dynamic blurs the boundaries, requiring a delicate balance between assuming a caregiving role while still being the child.

As if 1 "The Talk" isn't enough, there are actually 7 talks of Eldercare in Housing and Care.

In this workshop, you will gain the tools and confidence to assist your loved one in making decisions and setting goals, and by the end, you will have a clear path forward.

Each conversation will make preplanning and moving ahead to finding the best, safest solutions easier.

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Meet Amy Friesen

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Throughout the last 20 years, Tea & Toast Founder Amy Friesen has had a front-row seat to see the types of struggles families have when navigating the Eldercare industry. From homecare to retirement living, and long-term care, families have difficulting knowing which choices will be the most successful.

Amy is motivated by the belief that seniors and caregivers need to be supported, aware, and informed when making important life transitions in eldercare to avoid unnecessary stress and overwhelm.

Amy is also a multi-award winner, author, podcaster, and Founder of Eldercare Planners Canada as well as Respite Request.


"I find "The Talk" to be an extremely valuable course that I wish we had had the fortitude to complete a number of years ago. As it is, just reading through it and completing several of the first sections has reinforced how unprepared we are for this stage of life."

- Stewart G

We really enjoyed your workshop. I think we have done a lot of work with talks already, but we still found the information very helpful. It was so beneficial for us to do this together so we’re on the same page and we can create a plan going forward.Thank you for the work you did on it. It was very well done and professional.

- Kathy D

"This is a phenomenal workshop. Every adult child of a senior parent(s) should take it. Everything is well laid out, easy to follow, uses plain language, is encouraging, not condescending, is straightforward, honest, and very helpful. In a nutshell, I love the whole course."

- Sherri D

The Talk


100-page workbook to think through and prepare for each "The Talk"

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Self Assessment

Align your needs and preferences to those who require your care assistance

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The Financial Talk

Discussions of budgets, changing care needs and housing, action planning and goal setting

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The Mental Health Talk

Discussions of Dementia, isolation and depression, action planning and goal setting

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The Living Arrangements Talk

Discussions of what, where, when, how, and costs, action planning, and goal setting

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The End of Life Talk

Discussions of what has been taken care of, and where things are, action planning, and goal setting

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Life Management

Assessing how to set up your day-to-day so that you can assist your loved one more effectively, and still remain productive and present in your own life

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The Expectations Talk

Discussions of time, money and caregiving, action planning, and goal setting

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The Physical Health Talk

Discussions of care needs and caregivers, action planning, and goal setting

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The Legal Talk

Discussions of Power of Attorneys, Wills and Advance Directives, action planning and goal setting

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