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A trustworthy and caring Tea & Toast advisor will get to know your needs, wants, budget, and location preferences, and present you with the top options, schedule tours (in-person or virtually), and accompany you on each in-person tour.

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Retirement Living Search & Navigation

Retirement home search - our most popular service! As a well known advocate and advisors in the Ottawa, Ontario area, many retirement home providers turn to us for our advice and guidance! Tea & Toast does it different then any other advisory in Canada and works with the highest amount of partnered homes in Ottawa, who chose to work with Tea & Toast because of our reputation, and our genuine ability to match families needs with the best home for them.

This package is for individuals and/or families who would like Tea & Toast’s assistance with navigating the retirement living industry. With this package, your Tea & Toast Advisor will be working with our partner communities.

Your Senior Living Advisor will: 

Discuss Your (or Your loved ones) needs and preferences.
Discuss retirement home options and availability.
Identify and provide you with the top 3 - 4 best-suited retirement home options.
Act as a liaison between You and the retirement homes, arrange and attend retirement home tours

Additionally, we have resources and downloads that are exclusive for our clients to help you on your journey!

Family Mediation and Support Services

We understand. There are many opinions in a family, and getting everyone on the same page can be frustrating and exhausting. It’s tricky getting everyone to agree, including the person who is considering moving.

Our number one concern is the senior with whom we work, but a close second is to make sure that all wants and needs of the senior’s close family members are heard, respected and taken into account.

Trust us! Even though your situation is unique, there are many families in the same boat, and our advisors have seen it all! We have a lot of experience helping families see all sides and come to an agreement.

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Emergency Relocation and Crisis Placement

Often, seniors want to stay independent and in their own homes. In our experience, though, they sometimes remain long past what is considered safe, ending up in a crisis situation and needing help with a move immediately.

For cases like these, Tea & Toast is available. We will explore options with you and move quickly to find a solution. Although this is not the most desired approach, we still provide the same amount of service and navigation as our other services — just in a shorter period.


Incredible service and knowledge to help you navigate a complicated process. Jean gained a clear understanding of my parent’s current and more importantly future needs. From there she explained what was available and why those features were important. On our own, we were limited to talking to salespeople who had a different primary objective. Do not make these decisions without neutral consultation.  I would highly recommend Tea and Toast to help.

- Patrick Hall
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Respite Care

Retirement Home Respite Care (Convalescent Care/Short-Term Care/Winter Stay)

Respite care is often used as a temporary solution for individuals who need to recuperate from surgery for example. A short-term stay is available to seniors who are interested in trying out a retirement home to see if it is the right fit for their new home. These types of stays range from 2 weeks to 2 months approximately.

Do you find the winter difficult? Many seniors find it a task to get out for groceries and activities. Additionally, it can be quite isolating staying in all the time. A winter stay can be a great solution. These stays range from 2 months to 4 months.


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