Long-Term Care in Ontario

Eldercare Housing and Care

Finding your way through the Long-Term Care system in Ontario can be confusing and stressful. Many families feel overwhelmed by the number of choices, waiting lists, and what to do in the meantime. If this sounds like you, you are not alone!

Tea & Toast has helped thousands of families navigate the Eldercare housing systems.

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How you will feel

By the end of this program, you will have…


Have the knowledge needed to get rid of the overwhelm associated with not knowing what to do

Less guilty

Feel less guilty about not knowing how to help your loved one, or if the best decision is being made

In control

More time. With a plan in place, you will save time when the time comes to move into a Long-Term Care Home


With a plan in place you will be free to spend your time anyway you like, knowing that you are ready for anything!

Meet Amy Friesen

Amy Friesen's photo

Throughout the last 20 years, Tea & Toast Founder Amy Friesen has had a front-row seat to see the types of struggles families have when navigating the Eldercare industry. From homecare to retirement living, and long-term care, families have difficulting knowing which choices will be the most successful.

Amy is motivated by the belief that seniors and caregivers need to be supported, aware, and informed when making important life transitions in eldercare to avoid unnecessary stress and overwhelm.

Amy is also a multi-award winner, author, podcaster, and Founder of Eldercare Planners Canada as well as Respite Request.

Who is it for?

Whether you are:

Sandwich Generation

A busy professional with children and parents requiring assistance.

Making a Plan

Looking to make a plan for your loved one or your future self.

In the Process

In the process and requiring real time answers and direction.


4 Modules

When navigating Ontario's Long-Term Care (LTC) system, it is essential to have a strong grasp of the terminology used in this field. Understanding key terms such as "respite care," "assisted living," "nursing homes," and "personal support workers" will help you communicate effectively with healthcare professionals and make informed decisions regarding the care of your loved ones, or yourself. Familiarizing yourself with processes to receive care and housing as well as the finances associated, will enable you to navigate the complexities of this process with confidence and clarity.

Long-Term Care in Ontario is the solution you have been looking for while you have been piecing together each and every piece of information you can get your hands on.


Senior Living
Terms and Definitions

Gain an understanding of the common language and care terms used in the hospital and senior housing industry.


Long-Term Care Assessment and Acceptance Process

Gain an understanding of the Governmental system in place for
Long-Term Care Homes and the application process.


Long-Term Care Bed Types and Finances

Gain an understanding of the different styles of rooms and the finances associated with each.


Community Support

Gain an understanding of what is available to seniors and families in the community for care support.