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Why Retirement Communities are Still a Safe Choice

October 20, 2020

In this weeks blog we hear from Seasons, who operate retirement communities in the Toronto and surrounding area as well as Alberta. Although there are specific references to what is happening in their homes, the scenario is very similar in the many retirement homes across Ottawa. All and all everyone is trying to keep their residents, families and staff as safe as possible. Have a read.

COVID-19 has had a profound impact on businesses and families across Canada. As we know, senior citizens are particularly at risk. For this reason, retirement communities, including Seasons Retirement, have implemented a number of thorough precautionary measures to ensure that they remain safe and healthy spaces as the situation surrounding COVID-19 develops. This article will provide details about some of the many safety policies and preparations in place at retirement communities, to help you have peace of mind whether you or your loved one currently live in a retirement community or are considering it as a retirement living option. Let’s take a closer look at some of the safety measures that have been put into practice.

Safety Is Top Priority

The wellbeing of residents and staff at retirement communities is always of the utmost importance. On top of regular care routines, a number of additional procedures have been initiated to ensure the safety of all.

  • Regular health checks: Many retirement communities, including Seasons Retirement, are conducting regular temperature checks for all residents, to stay on top of overall well-
  • Physical distancing and masks: Communal areas, such as dining rooms, have been
    spaced out to allow for appropriate physical distancing during lunch and dinnertime. All
    staff wear masks continuously, while residents are also provided with surgical masks for
    whenever they need to leave the premises.
  • Thorough hygiene practices: Cleaning routines have been ramped up in retirement
    communities and hand sanitizer is always available in any communal or amenity areas.

Visitor Protocols

Of course, it’s not just the health of residents that should be monitored and considered. All
visitors to retirement communities are thoroughly screened and must abide by several safety

  • Active screening: All staff, vendors and essential visitors must pass a thorough screening process with a questionnaire before entering the premises.
  • Scheduled visits: Many retirement communities have introduced strict visiting policies, such as scheduling visits 48 hours in advance.
  • Visitor rules: Of course, all visitors will be required to adhere to safety measures. These
    include passing a questionnaire, practicing good hygiene, social distancing, wearing
    masks and bringing their own accommodations, such as chairs for outdoor visits.
Blue masks on pink background
Safety is top priority

Resident Testimonials

Over the course of the past few months, Seasons has collected letters from residents and their families to help gauge and understand the emotional reaction to safety procedures during this time.

  • “I just wanted to share a conversation that I had with a friend of mine: Her mom is a
    resident of High River and she can not say enough about what an amazing job you and
    the staff have done. She gives you high praise for keeping COVID19 out of the building
    (as many of us do) and is really enjoying the twice a week facetime she is getting to
    have with her Mom. Thank you.”
    - Team Member, Seasons
  • “Thank you to you and your staff for going the extra (1000) miles to keep our loved ones
    healthy. We are so incredibly grateful for all of you. It must be so difficult to care for all
    at Seasons, while being worried about your own family and friends. Please know how
    much your residents' families are incredibly thankful for all of you.”
    -Family member, Seasons Milton

Peace of Mind Comes Standard

With many important safety regulations in place and an inherently supportive environment,
retirement communities, like Seasons Retirement, have remained secure and caring spaces for seniors throughout this unprecedented time period. From residents to visitors, safety, health and wellbeing remain the absolute top priority.

For additional information about the types of safety accommodations in place, feel free to reach out to Seasons Retirement Community.

As retirement living experts here in the Ottawa area, we can tell you with confidence that the homes in our area are doing all they can to meet, maintain and surpass all expectations that have been placed on the industry. The main priority is keeping their own residents and staff safe as well as providing a safe place to call home for seniors who are in need of a supportive environment.

If you are unsure of the current retirement home situation as it pertains to Covid 19, or need
assistance with your search, please schedule a meeting with us! We are here to help!

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