Amy Friesen

Amy Friesen

Founder and CEO

My Why

To shine a light on the unknown that surrounds the senior housing industry for families and professionals

I didn't know it then, but at the age of 15, when I lost my Nanny, was a pivotal moment in my life. From that point on I was always searching for my purpose and not until I began working with seniors, did I feel as though I found my path. In 2014 when I started Tea & Toast, I truly felt that I was home. 

My life is very similar to yours. I am caring for my daughter, my spouse, and my father-in-law (who is living with us), four animals as well as senior parents who live out of town. I have a full-time career and limited time for myself. 

I see you.

After completing both a Marketing degree and a Psychology degree, Amy felt the retirement industry calling to her. In 2005, Amy began her career as a recreation coordinator, but soon found that what she most enjoyed was helping seniors “connect the dots” to find the perfect new home. Amy quickly moved into marketing and for almost 10 years, worked for several retirement residences in Ottawa.

In that role, Amy was seeing an increase in confusion surrounding the retirement industry. As more homes were being built, care terms were being altered; seniors and their families were beginning to have a very hard time sorting through the confusion and matching their needs to what retirement homes were offering.

Amy wanted to create a personalized service where seniors and their families could engage one person who had the knowledge and expertise needed to find the best retirement residence option – and in a fraction of the time it would take the average family to do so. With that, Tea & Toast was born.

Amy cares deeply about seniors in the community and is a passionate advocate. You will often find her helping out at local senior events, participating in community board meetings and volunteering.

Married to husband Mike, Amy is a loving mom to little Eva. The family’s fuzzy kids include Levon and Mabel the cats, and Sigmund and Ruby the dogs!

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