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Assisted Living Help for Seniors

Minimizing stress and saving you time, Tea & Toast helps families plan, research, and strategize solutions when making a life transition to living in a  retirement home or long-term care home.

Tea & Toast

As a team of expert advisors and specialists, we help seniors and their families plan, research, and strategize solutions when making a life transition to retirement living or long-term care.

With two decades of hands-on experience, Tea & Toast understands the ins and outs of senior living. Every person’s situation is different. Inspired by deep compassion and industry expertise, we guide you on a personalized journey that reflects your unique care needs and future goals.


Services to assist you on your journey
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Thinking about moving to a Retirement Home?

The retirement industry is very overwhelming for families to navigate. Our caring advisors walk families through the entire process!

We specialize in finding:

Independent Living Retirement Homes

Assisted Living Retirement Homes

Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care Retirement Communities

Aging in Place Communities

Respite and Convalescent Care

Long-Term Care Navigation

Nursing Homes


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“I cannot thank Amy and her team at Tea & Toast enough. I presented Amy with what I thought was a challenge due to my mother's unique situation as a newbie navigating the retirement/care home universe. Tea & Toast made everything easier at a time where emotions and stress run high and took a huge load off of our family's shoulders. All we had to do was pick from Amy's suggested choice of homes (all were good), tour the facility then move mom in. Amy and her team were patient (mom is a talker), identified the key needs and delivered in a way that shocked us all. Mom's new home is perfect for her and she's getting the support and stimulation that wouldn't be possible on her own or with family. We are all resting easier now, and I can go back to being her son instead of caregiver”

- Johnny Ninja