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Everyone Loves Tea & Toast! Here's Why!

August 20, 2018

It’s not just Ottawa seniors and their family members who are saying great things about Tea & Toast…

Our own team loves working here too!

To us, that says something about how we treat others, as well as our own staff.

Check out what people have had to say about Tea & Toast, and the service we are proud to bring to seniors in search of a retirement residence.

Our senior living advisors say…

Working with seniors is a privilege

  • “It’s a privilege to assist and support seniors—with their families—in finding a new home. I feel very blessed to have seniors and their loved ones trust me in guiding them through what can be a daunting and overwhelming task.”

Seniors deserve the best in their upper years

  • “I love seniors! They have done so much in their lives, that I want to make sure they enjoy life to the fullest in their waning years.”
  • “When you know you’ve saved a family time, relieved their stress, and helped a senior have the best quality of life possible…it’s almost too hard to describe how I feel.”

Compassion is key

  • “As someone who used to do sales for retirement communities, Tea & Toast has always been my preferred referral agency for seniors. Tea & Toast has a well-known reputation in Ottawa for being honest, caring, compassionate and respectful—so I consider myself very lucky to have the opportunity to work with a team that shares the same values I have!”
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Working with seniors is a privilege

Our clients say…

Tea & Toast listens to your needs

  • “Surprisingly, the first place we went to see was the place we went with…Amy truly listened to what we needed for my dad. I would highly recommend Tea and Toast.”—Daniel and Jenn
  • “This was a good experience in a very stressful situation. [Tea & Toast]…was so helpful working as a link between all of us, family, hospital and residence. [They] spoke each of our languages, listened to each of our needs and then communicated them clearly so we all understood….worked at odd hours to help accommodate our work schedules and drove several times to visit our dad to make sure his voice was a big part of the conversation. We are very grateful.”—Heather Whiting

We are knowledgeable, trustworthy, and respected

  • Amy was great! She was prompt, professional, obviously well-known and respected in the local assisted care community, and her assistance with the search and her knowledge of the options available made a stressful time much easier to deal with.”—Guy Belleperche

We do the work for you (and relieve your stress)

  • “Tea and Toast…helped so much with researching the available options [and]…did all the ‘heavy lifting’ of hosting initial meetings, understanding needs and then researching options. [Their] extensive network within Ottawa definitely helped us make a decision on the proper residence for my family’s needs – it ended up being an extremely easy (and fast!) decision due to all of Amy’s help.”—Anna De Grauwe
  • “If you are as overwhelmed as I was at the prospect of trying to figure out the best place at the right price, do yourself the favour of contacting Tea and Toast to see if they can help you.”—Laurie Dance

We provide 5-star support

  • “Thank goodness I was referred to Tea and Toast for assistance. My 5-star rating can hardly describe the professional assistance I was given to get me through a most emotional and difficult move.”—John Moors

Thank you to all who have thrown their support behind Tea & Toast for the last several years—we are so proud to be a part of the Ottawa senior community!

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Learn about Tea & Toast’s retirement living search service! We can find the perfect home for you or your loved one. Contact a retirement living advisor today!

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