June 14, 2023

How Ottawa Vacant Unit Tax Affects Seniors

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This new tax is designed to encourage homeowners to put their properties to use and increase the availability of affordable housing in the city. While this tax will affect all homeowners, seniors may be particularly impacted.

Many seniors own second homes that they use for vacations or as rental properties, and they may find themselves subject to this new tax.

Additionally, seniors who live alone or have recently downsized may find it difficult to maintain their properties while they are vacant and may struggle to pay the additional tax.

In this webinar, we'll be exploring the details of the new vacant homes tax, how it will be implemented, and what impact it may have on seniors in the Ottawa area.

We'll also be discussing possible solutions and workarounds for seniors who may be struggling to cope with this new tax.

Join Amy Friesen, Founder of Tea & Toast, Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Educator and Curtis Murphy Founder of Downsize Ottawa as they explore this important issue and provide insights and information to help seniors navigate this new tax and its impact on their lives.

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