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Entertaining The Grandkids In A Retirement Home: 10 Fun Ideas for Children And Seniors to do together

September 6, 2018

When Grandma or Grandpa lives in a retirement home, what can they do together with their grandchildren that’s both fun and meaningful?

Science shows that spending time with grandkids can help grandparents stay healthier, happier and more sharp-minded.

However, moving to a retirement residence often means less space to move. Meanwhile, Grandma or Grandpa may not be as mobile or agile as their grandkids would like!

And that can affect the things that young people might prefer to do (outside of playing video games).

The good news is that retirement homes assisted living facilities, nursing homes and other retirement communities can facilitate lots of kid-friendly activities.

And while visiting Grandma or Grandpa at a home can be a little intimidating for grandchildren, retirement communities are certainly not what they used to be!

Here are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Dine in style. Many retirement homes offer something along the lines of “fine dining”—and sitting in a fancy dining room may be quite exciting to kids, just like going to a restaurant.
  • Play board games. Keep a deck of cards around (including Uno, which is easy for kids to play!), or ask the grandkids to bring their own latest and greatest games when they visit.
  • See if your retirement community runs any kid-friendly activities. Some may host game or movie nights, or other fun events to bring together all family generations.
  • Bake. Some retirement homes provide facilities for baking cookies or other goodies, allowing seniors to get creative with their culinary skills.
  • Host a sleepover. Depending on the type of community or home, grandchild sleepovers may be permissible. Not sure? Ask!
  • Go through photo albums. Kids love seeing old pictures of their parents when they were young. Tell stories and share memories from “days of yore.”
  • Go for a walk. Many seniors’ homes have lovely walking paths where people can stroll around.
  • Make a craft. Kids LOVE crafts. Simply supply the materials—or the residence may already have them. Paint a birdhouse, make jewelry with beads, or draw pictures of each other.
  • Take the kids out for the day. Consider taking them to the zoo, a movie, concert or sporting event.
  • Surprise them. Share a special “hidden” talent. Or introduce the grandkids to other residents’ grandkids and arrange a fun activity for all of them. Whatever it is, find new ways to surprise them every so often.

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