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Board Games of the 1950's

April 16, 2021

What board games did you play with your family when you were young? Based on a board game article from RetroWaste.com, “Board games were very popular in the 1950s. Electronics hadn’t completely taken over yet and there are many board games that came out in the 1950s that we still play today.”

Check out the retro website https://www.retrowaste.com/1950s/toys-in-the-1950s/board-games-in-the-1950s/

And the List of all the Milton Bradley games website https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Milton_Bradley_Company_games  with a few classic pictures

According to Wikipedia, Milton Bradley was interested in the process of learning, coupled with his skill at printing, made him a pioneer in the field of early childhood education as well.

The first commercial game basing play on a phonograph record was introduced. Name that Tune, by Milton Bradley contains an LP record with excerpts from 160 of the world’s most famous songs.

Go to the Head of the Class, another of Milton Bradley's games featuring three levels of quiz questions, was another popular family game. This is the classic board game of answering questions about Language, Science, Art & Music, Mathematics, History, Literature, and Geography.

Snakes and ladders game
Snakes and ladders

How about this classic under a few different names: Snakes and ladders(1943 Milton Bradley Version) - Chutes and Ladders  - Bible Ups and Downs. On Wikipedia, get a full History on this ancient game, Originating in Ancient India 2nd century AD to present.


Many caregivers find it difficult to communicate with their loved ones as they age, especially if the loved one has any cognitive issues. Referencing things from “the good ol’ days” will help start and continue conversations!

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