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What Do You Look For In A Retirement Home?

August 10, 2017

If I were searching for a retirement home for my aging parents, my top three requirements would be…

That’s the question we asked recently on the Tea & Toast Facebook page.

What do you look for in a retirement home?

Here are some of the answers we got from Ottawa folks:

  • “Safe, quality care”
  • “Engaged professionals who treat my loved one with dignity and respect, as they were a member of their own family”
  • “Clean and well-designed space with varied activities (indoor/outdoor, appealing to different interests)”
  • “Comfort, security, quality of life (games, socials, activities, outdoor space, shuttles)”
  • “Safety/security, health (physical, mental, emotional), quality of life”
  • “Cleanliness, decent food, nice outdoor space and/or near a park”
  • “Privacy/security, outdoor spaces, competent and well-trained staff”

As you can see, there are some very caring adult children in our nation’s capital!

Grey chalkboard with a house drawn on it and a red heart
What do you look for in a retirement home?

So. Many. Needs!

If you look closer, you’ll notice that no two answers above were the same.

Certainly, there was some overlap—especially in terms of wanting safety, quality of life, cleanliness; and having kind, trained staff.

But this informal poll reinforces just how varied people’s priorities can be when they’re looking for the ideal retirement home.

Meanwhile, keep in mind: the opinions we asked for were just the needs of the adult children, not the seniors themselves (the people who would be living at the residence!).

That’s why it’s so valuable to partner up with a retirement residence advisor when you’re looking for a home.

Retirement residence advisors are for everyone

An advisor will get to know and consider everyone’s wants and needs—spending time with you and your family to fully understand the big picture, and accompanying you on guided tours of local retirement homes.

Taking all family members’ opinions into account is incredibly important, especially when:

  • siblings are having a hard time coming to an agreement about where Mom or Dad will live; or
  • the senior has difficulty communicating due to health problems such as dementia or isn’t used to being heard within their family unit.

Ultimately, by listening to all involved parties, a retirement residence advisor can be a solid support for you and your loved one.

Why? Because you end up with a much more accurate home choice and a smoother transition for your loved one than if you were to do the searching process alone! You get a choice of the best options that have everything you look for in a retirement residence.

Learn more about working with a retirement living advisor! We can find you the perfect home for your loved one. Contact us today.

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