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Which Retirement Living Option Is For You?

October 17, 2017

Gone are the days when Grandma’s only choice was to move into the first retirement home that had an opening.

Yes, there are still all the traditional facilities available. But they’re not like how you probably remember them from 20—or even 10—years ago!

Today’s retirement living homes—whether they’re retirement residences, independent living facilities (like senior condos), or long-term care nursing homes—are much more modern and catered to seniors’ specific needs, whether health-, recreation- or social-based.

Thinking outside the box

Meanwhile, more and more, we’re seeing people getting quite creative, and thinking outside the box when it comes to retirement living!

One example is the so-called “granny flat,” more typically referred to as “coach homes.”

Essentially, this type of home is a second dwelling (something like a mini-bungalow) on someone’s property—normally an adult child and his or her family.

This type of arrangement offers several benefits to seniors and their family members, including:

  • The opportunity to live independently and with autonomy, but with the peace of mind that someone is available if help is needed
  • The chance to spend more time with family members (including young grandchildren, who can easily visit their grandparent on the same property)
  • Privacy when needed
  • Cost savings—as renovating this kind of dwelling can sometimes cost significantly less than the fees associated with living in a retirement facility

Is it time to move?

You know you have options—but which type of living situation is best for you? Not to mention, when is the “right” time for seniors to start this next chapter of their life?

To help you narrow down your choices, here are a few questions to ask yourself (or to ask the senior in your life) when the decision is close at hand:

What is my current situation, and what do I see on the horizon?

How is my health right now? What is my schedule like? Do I have anything planned over the next couple of years, like a trip? Am I about to have a new grandchild?

Two roads to choose from
Which retirement living option is for you?

Do I want to only make one move?

Or am I okay with moving again if my health care needs change?  

What needs and wants are at the top of my list?

Do I want to live close to my family? Do I want a social environment? Would I like on-site health care?

What outside amenities need to be near me?

Is there a shopping mall or community centre nearby? Is it near my church?

What is my timeline for moving, and do I need to plan earlier?

Would I prefer moving in the spring, summer, winter or fall?

At Tea and Toast, we are here to make your decision about retirement living as easy as possible. We ask a lot of similar questions listed above (plus more!)—adding a lot of clarity and peace of mind to the decisions you make.

Together, we can help you sift through the many choices available—and even create a timeline to help you prepare for this next chapter of your life.

Learn more about Tea & Toast’s retirement home search service! We can find the perfect home for you or your loved one. Contact a retirement living advisor today!

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