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What Makes Tea & Toast Different From Other Retirement Home Search Services?

May 30, 2018

Tea & Toast is not like other larger retirement home search services.

Put simply, we operate and treat our clients differently.

If you are looking for help in finding a retirement home in Ottawa, here are five reasons you can trust in us.

#1: We know Ottawa…

In our opinion, recommending the right retirement home means you need to know it.

We have toured every single place we’ve recommended—many of them multiple times. After all, how else could we suggest it’s the perfect fit for you or your loved one?

However, some larger search companies recommend places they’ve never even been to.

#2: …because we are in Ottawa

Believe it or not, some of our competitors are based well outside of Ottawa—even in the United States—and they still will recommend homes in cities they’ve never been to!

But not us. We are 100% located in the Nation’s Capital.

That means we are always able to meet you face-to-face; and accompany you on tours of the places we feel are best suited to you.

And not only that: we are well-versed, well known and respected experts in the Ottawa retirement home industry and assisted care community.

In other words: retirement homes and experts know us, and we know them.

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#3: We don’t apply sales-pressure tactics

Our philosophy is to:

  •        Be an open book with clients and retirement homes, and
  •        Find the best solution for families in a timely and cost-effective manner.

That means finding the very best place for you or your loved one.

How does it work? Normally, after first meeting you and going through a thorough list of questions, we will make three recommendations based on the Ottawa-based homes that can accommodate your needs. Then, we will accompany you on tours of each of them.

It is then up to you whether—or not—to select one of those retirement homes. We never apply pressure to force you to make a decision.

#4: We are experts who look at EVERYONE’s needs

Our senior living advisors care about our clients’ diverse challenges and needs.

That means looking not only at the general concerns of seniors and their adult children—but acknowledging all the varying emotions that come along with this major life change.

As a result, we often act as mediators and negotiators. Even if there are differentiating viewpoints, we are often able to help everyone come to an agreement on next steps.

#5: We will not harass you with phone calls

Some of our competitors will send out your information to many, many retirement homes long before you know which one may be a good fit!

Not with Tea & Toast. We will only give your personal information to the homes you tour; and they will not contact you directly.

So you don’t have to worry about receiving multiple unwanted phone calls—ever.

This is an emotional time for you—we are here to make it easier. So contact us anytime for more information.

Learn about Tea & Toast’s retirement living search service! We can find the perfect retirement home for you or your loved one. Contact us today at or 613-698-1319.

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