Trial stays in retirement homes

January 10, 2023

Many people assume that retirement homes are only for seniors looking to make a permanent move. But many retirement homes have a small number of apartments that they make available short-term stays from time to time. 

Here are the different types of short-term stays you may find at retirement homes in your area:

Trial stays

For seniors who aren’t yet sure whether retirement home living is a good fit for them. Allows them to try it out for a limited period. Often includes restaurant-style meals (and nutritious snacks) in the retirement home’s dining room and an invitation to participate in recreational activities. 

Convalescent stays

For seniors who are recovering from surgery and want a place to convalesce until they can return to their own home. May include help with personal care from retirement home staff (e.g. morning routine, bathing/showering). Restaurant-style meals often provided during their stay along with nutritious snacks. In some cases, meals may be brought to the apartment for someone who can’t get to the retirement home’s dining room.

Winter stays

For seniors who are feeling house-bound during the winter and want to spend a week or two in a senior-friendly community with social activities. A kind of mini-vacation. Some retirement homes organize “cruise weeks”, simulating the cruise experience by offering destination-themed meals and activities.

Sock feet up near a fireplace
A kind of mini-vacation.

Respite stays

For seniors whose family caregiver needs a temporary break from looking after them. Can include many of the same features as a convalescent stay, if necessary.

Categories may overlap

These four categories of short-term stays aren’t mutually exclusive. For instance, a respite stay could be scheduled during the winter to coincide with a retirement home’s special “cruise week”. Or someone who’s convalescing may like the look and feel of the retirement home they’re staying at and may decide to move there permanently later on. In other words, their convalescent stay may also ended up being a trial stay.

How to quickly find temporary stays in the Ottawa area

If you’re looking for a short-term stay at a retirement home in the Ottawa area – whether it’s for yourself or an aging relative – call, text, or email us. We keep track of what’s on offer across the area. It will save you having to make calls to individual homes and help you avoid frustration. 

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