Vision Loss or Problems? Why You Should Start "Looking" for Retirement Homes Now

January 16, 2019

Consider all the things we need our eyesight for!

Most importantly: our eyesight can help protect us from injury.

But as we age, our eyesight begins to diminish—and we may develop serious diseases or conditions like glaucoma, cataracts…even blindness due to diabetes.

In fact, statistics show that one in nine Canadians experience irreversible vision loss by age 65.

(Meanwhile, the likelihood of irreversible vision loss jumps to one in four by age 75!)

Consider the risks

Keep in mind that seniors are already prone to injury (not to mention mental illness), with or without vision problems.

But the Canadian Association of Optometrists (CAO) says that—compared to people of the same age without vision issues—seniors with vision loss experience:

  • Four times as many hip fractures
  • Three times the incidence of depression
  • Twice the number of falls
  • Double the mortality rate

So what does this mean, in a nutshell?

Seniors experiencing vision loss fall more than other seniors.

They also fracture their hips more often, making mobility difficult or downright impossible.

They’re also more likely to experience mental health problems—and even die due to problems with their vision.

And don’t forget, vision loss can also make general daily living more challenging for seniors—particularly if they are relatively independent and trying to continue doing the things they’ve always done.

As a few examples, they may:

  • Spill food or drinks because they misjudge where items are
  • Be unable to read certain texts—like prescription directions or ingredient lists
  • Have difficulties driving at night and make driving mistakes, like missing stop signs or traffic lights
Man sitting on a park bench with a cane
One in nine Canadians experience irreversible vision loss by age 65

Is it time to move into a retirement home?

Interestingly, the same CAO study mentioned above states that seniors with vision problems are admitted to nursing homes three years earlier than those without vision problems.

It makes sense. Many people with vision loss require specialized, consistent support that they wouldn’t necessarily be able to get from home.

Rather than wait for vision to get worse, it is always prudent to begin considering “next steps” if you or an aging parent are experiencing vision problems and unable to continue living safely on one’s own.

We can help you

Figuring out which retirement home is right for you and your needs can be overwhelming, not to mention extremely time-consuming!

But Tea & Toast can help ease that burden.

We can help you find an Ottawa-based home that provides specialized care for seniors. Contact us today to find out more.

Learn about Tea & Toast’s retirement living search service! We can find the perfect retirement home for you or your loved one. Contact a retirement living advisor today!

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