What is a Senior Living Advisor, and Why Work With One?

July 27, 2019

“The decision to move to a retirement residence is possibly one of the most difficult a person can make and how to find the right residence can be overwhelming. Enter Tea and Toast. Amy is so knowledgeable and thorough that stress was completely removed. She made the search fun. I am extremely happy in my new home, and Amy even took time to follow up with me to be certain that my move went smoothly. So many thanks Amy!”

- Louise Mundle

An advisor helps find retirement living options according to your needs, wants and budget. In other words, we help fit retirement living to you, instead of you trying to fit into a home.

Traditionally, most people considering a move to an Ottawa retirement home would ask friends and acquaintances for recommendations, visit websites for more information, and tour a multitude of retirement home options themselves.

But taking the search on yourself is not only time-consuming; it often leads to information overload and confusion. Too often, we’ve seen seniors and their family members become overwhelmed by the variety of options, services and fees out there—and give up searching altogether.
It doesn’t have to be this hard.

Moving to retirement living can be a positive part of life’s journey. By relieving your worries, Tea & Toast can help you choose a new space, meet new friends, and have a wonderful experience in your new home.

A middle aged hand on top of an elderly persons hand
We help fit retirement living to you

Our senior living advisors save you time and frustration during this often times emotional period. Before starting the touring process, we spend time with you to understand what you want and need. We look at the big picture and fit each piece together: providing you with a more accurate home choice, and a much smoother transition to retirement living than if you were to do it yourself.
Tea and Toast gives you expert industry knowledge and support without you having to become an expert yourself. After all, you’re already an expert in your own (or your family member’s) life; let us help with this piece!

“When trying to help a loved one make a decision like where to go it is not easy because you literally don't know where to start. Start by contacting Tea and Toast - you won't regret it.”

- Mark Savage

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